Canine Activities

We are constantly spending time with our dogs and we use every opportunity to keep them in shape and guide them. When we exercise we take them along with us. When we go to the beach we work on deep water retrieving. When we go to the lake we work on dock diving and deep water retrieving. When we ride horses around the grounds we take the dogs with us to run alongside. Our dogs have rigorous exercise plans even in the off season so that they continue to stay strong and healthy. Since we are located in southern Georgia, we strongly believe in having all of our dogs snake broken to add an extra layer of protection and awareness. We believe in introducing our puppies to birds early while they are still in a safe controlled environment. We also believe in letting a puppy be a puppy and only implementing positive reinforcement during their first year. Our motto is exercise, exercise, exercise paired with a strong nutritional plan. So, we like to incorporate NuVet Products into our dogs’ diets. These are working dogs and you can see the satisfaction in their expressions when they are given a challenge and succeed. Recently we have built our dogs a brand new state of the art kennel. We love to use Kuranda Dog beds so that after a long day our dogs can get the rest they deserve.