Prudence de la Source d’Hannahatchee

Prudence de la Source d’Hannahatchee (GRCH CHF Callie de Manchabarri X CH GRCHF Newton de la Source d’Hannahatchee) got her Amateur NSTRA field champion title, Amateur regional point leader and Derby dog of the year. I got the following below from Nanette Smith Harwell. She is a great wing shot and puts Pru in a position to place every time they run.

“So our rookie season has come to an end this weekend. We didn’t get to compete but we have lots to be grateful for and Everything happens in God’s time. But what a rookie season we had, we met some amazing people, we learned, we made mistakes but we persevered and moved forward.

Saturday night I was very humbled to be awarded with plaques for High Point Amateur Dog & Derby Dog of the Year for the Gulf Coast NSTRA region. I tell people all the time it’s all Pru I just follow along and shoot for her.

We start a new season now with a clean slate. Our goals for next year are to accumulate enough points for her championship, qualify for regionals again. But ultimately I’m so proud of my little Georgia Peach. Prudennce de la d’Hannahatchee.

This weekend we attended the NSTRA trial in Iola, Texas. Pru had three solid runs out of four over the last two days. Yesterday with a 5 bird run and a score of 960.75, she captured 1st place Amateur and 1st Place Open and acquired her Amateur Champion title in 12 months.

Today under gale force winds she managed to turn in two solid runs. With a 4 bird run and score of 880, she got 1st place Amateur and 3rd place Open which now gives her 7 open points and the inability to run Amateur anymore.

I’m so proud of this little fireball.”

Pax de la Source d’Hannahatchee

6 month old Pax (Atos x Magnolia du Ten Bar Ranch) providing some model shots for his owners Kristina C. Mott, DVD, CVA, CCRT and Madeline Schopf in the recent copy of the NAVHDA magazine. Dr. Mott authored the article on building canine strength & endurance with Cross training.

O’Ty de la Source d’Hannahatchee

“L’Epagneul Breton” which is the publication of CEB France. We are ecstatic about the use of Jimmy Cobb’s photo of O’Ty de la Source d’Hannahatchee on the back cover of the publication.

Pongo de la Source d’Hannahatchee

“Happy 1st Birthday to the crazy Pongo [Thor x Nike] man and all of his siblings!!

Off to get puppachinos later

Thank you Jackie for such an awesome pup “

-Megan Dunn