Current Sires

NBOB GFC AFC GRCH GRCHF Atos WRT TAN, Producer Remi Nicoli

CH Gatsby du Mas D’Eyraud X Lara Del Cecchetto

Date of birth: 04/24/2015

Color: Orange/White Roan

Registered: FCI, UKC, AKC, American Field stud book, NAVHDA

Titles: GRCHF, GRCH, AFC, FC, Dock Sr, United Sr Jumper, TAN, WRT

UKC Pedigree, AKC Pedigree

Hip Rating: OFA, PennHIP , and  XRay

Confirmation Rating: Excellent C1

Sable Ay Gene Test: not a carrier of the Ay Gene

Embark DNA Test

The word “atos” is of Portuguese origin and means “action” or “movement” in English. His name fits him well. Atos has grace and power in the field. Atos has an exceptionally friendly disposition and is “an angel in the house and absolutely a devil in the field” with a wonderful nose, great prey drive and stamina. He runs with a high head and is beautiful on point. I got Atos from the legendary Francis Maudet of France who sired him out of the Great Gatsby and a wonderful Italian bitch named Lara from Remo Nicoli. When I got Atos from France he was 6 months old and for the next 6 months he earned his UKC Gun title here in the U.S. and has also returned to France where I ran him in spring trials all before his first birthday. During this time Atos won Gun Braces and the cup for the first annual “Léon Le Louët Memorial Bécasse Trial” in Louisiana. It was a satisfying moment for him to have his first win trialing on wild Woodcock similar to situations of his native countries. Atos also had very nice first and second hunting seasons on grouse, pheasant, huns, prairie chickens, woodcock and bobwhite quail in Georgia, Louisiana, Kansas, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Texas, and Montana. His father Gatsby is one of the best the breed has ever seen in the field and his son takes after him for sure. Here are a few photos and an article on Gatsby in the March 2016 issue of the French Club de l’Epagneul Breton magazine.  Atos has now earned his “grand champion of the field” title with CAC champion wins in Iowa (brace wild), Minnesota (brace liberated), Georgia (liberated solo), Texas (solo wild) and Illinois (liberated solo). He also won CACT with his only barrage run with a win in Texas.

Honors for Atos’ father CH Gatsby du mas D’Eyraud: 43 CACT, 28 CACIT, 8 RCACIT. Autumn champion; Spring Champion; International Working Champion; 4 times winner of Open de France; Winner European Cup 2015 Continental; Winner Championship of 2015 AICEB propelling France to the champion country; Winner of the 2015 Mediterranean Cup; 2015 World Champion! Atos has participated in NAVHDA hunt test earning Utility test II. Atos has run in several FCI trials in France and Spain also earning several excellent ratings in spring trials. Atos has further participated in both walking and horseback AKC trials earning his FC and AFC titles. He earned 3rd walking Nationals Gun Dog Championship in 2019 and runner-up in horseback National Amateur Gun Dog Championship in 2021.

And here is a quote about Atos’ Italian mother: “Lara del Cecchetto at the European competition Feb 2015. The Italian team: We climbed on the podium! Thanks to Lara’s Cecchetto of sig. Nicoli that getting the CAC-CACIT crowned  Italy with an important place in the European Cup – 3rd.” In October 2018 Remo Nicoli returned with Lara to the AICEB World EB championships and earned 1st female. Lara proved once again she still has it after not competing in the AICEB since 2015.

Newton de la Source d’Hannahatchee, Producer Dave Flynn

Loki du Ten Bar Ranch X Hollee De Plum Creek

Date of birth: 5/30/2017

Color: Black and White

Registered: UKC and AKC

Titles: GRCH, CH,


Hip Rating: OFA

Confirmation Rating: Excellent C-1

Sable Ay Gene Test

Embark DNA Test

Newton is a very strong, smart and biddable bird dog. He was one of the easiest dogs I’ve ever broken and he loves to please his handler. He is a very enjoyable dog to hunt under with a lot of heart and drive. GRCHF CH Newton de la Source d’Hannahatchee got his Grand Champion of the Field titles from UKC. He won the 2022 wild Pheasant championship in Webb, IA and Grinnell,IA with 4 wins under honorable Butch Nelson, Reynald LeFebvre, and Matt Van Mannen. Newton also won liberated solo under honorary Don Clements and liberated braces with honorable Caleb Miller. Newt won CAC (1st place) at CEB-US Nationals 2020 with his run in open Solo at H.Cooper Black in SC under the honorable Ange Franchi. Newt also won first place at nationals in the gun class on wild birds in the previous year in 2019. He has his show champion title and is a well built dog indeed.

CH TR Jet Di Val Grossa, Producer Andrea Preto

CH TR Gyl Del La Marat X Erka des Source Claires

Date of birth: 10/08/2014

Color: Orange and White Roan

Registered: AKC and UKC

Titles: CH España, CH Gibraltar, Spanish monograph (National) winner, France monographic RCAC, CH Mundo, CH European, CH internacional


Embark DNA Test

Hannahatchee Kennels welcomes Jet Di Val Grossa of Spain from Barbadun Garcia (3rd place in French National Elevage). Ruben has presented him and added wins and titles including TR, CH Internacional, CH Europeo, CH Mundo, CH Espana, CH Gibraltar, Spanish monograph winner, and monographic France RCAC. Jet was produced by Andrea Preto of Val Grossa who won 1st place this year at the French National Elevage.

Jet has fit into the house hold wonderfully. He is a very intelligent fellow with exceptional disposition and additionally exceptional prey drive. We are excited to use him in our program as he has produce some very nice prodigy. I believe he will help strengthen our lines here in the US. Jet was produced from Gyl Del La Marat and Erka des Source Claires. His lineage includes some great dogs from the Grossa, St Lubin, Claires, Viviers, Pigenettes… lines. We are very excited to see what the future holds with his input.

We have gotten him into a groove with our summer bird work and exercise program including some swimming with the gang.

GRCHF CH Gallant Thor Sur Le Delavan, Clint LaFary

GRCHF GRCH Vernon De L’Escarbot TAN X 2XGRCHF CH De La Ferme Sur Le Delavan TAN

Date of birth: 9/11/2011

Color: Orange/White Roan

Registered: UKC and AKC

Titles: UKC Grand Champion of the Field and Champion of Show


Hip Rating: OFA

Confirmation Rating: C1 Excellent


Sable Ay Gene Test: Negative

Thor is a wonderful hard running hunting dog with a friendly energetic temperament. He is social with man and dog alike. He is very friendly and is great with children, and puppies that Thor throws also have shown to have similar friendly dispositions. Thor was born a natural retriever and retrieves to hand without fail. He has hunted many species of upland game bird across the country including bobwhite quail, sharptail grouse, prarie chicken, sage grouse, ruff grouse, blue grouse, woodcock, pheasant and Hungarian partridge. He has been a pleasure to add to our kennel and was produced from two Grand Champion of the Field dogs and Grand Champion of Show and Champion of Show. His dam Lucy was also sired by a national best of breed. Thor became a UKC Grand Champion of the Field in December 2014. He has a solo wild bird win in Quincy, FL under judge Mark bird with handler Lori Hutwagner. He had a brace wild bird win in Quincy, FL under judge Larry Ellison, a brace wild bird win in Bloomfield, IA under judge Ken Teppel, a solo liberated win in Petersburg, IL under judge Bud Shipp, a brace liberated win in Petersburg, IL under judge Randy Meester and a liberated brace win at the 2013 CEB-US Nationals under judge Butch Nelson all run with handler Jackie Hutwagner. Just recently in an open breed UKC trial in North Dakota May 2015 Thor received another win and a reserve on liberated quail. Thor has the stamina and enthusiasm to hunt all day. He is a smooth hard running dog who selflessly and naturally works as a team with other dogs in the field.

Ringo de la Source d’Hannahatchee, Producer Jackie Hutwagner

Date of birth: 4/28/2020

Color: Liver, White, and Orange

Registered: AKC

Titles: In Progress


Hip Rating: PennHIP


Sable Ay Gene Test: Not a Carrier

Embark DNA Test

One of the kennel’s new additions. Ringo shows great promise and has an incredible hunting sense. We expect great things from this young dog!

Sampson de la Source d’Hannahatchee
Producer Jackie Hutwagner

One of the kennel’s new additions. Sampson, much like Ringo, shows great promise and has an incredible hunting sense. We expect great things from this young dog!