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We love to hunt. It’s the reason we started all this. We hunt from Florida to Alaska and anywhere we can go in between. We breed our dogs to hunt all day with enthusiasm, passion, and drive. Our dogs have great noses and conditioning to take us to the game. Living in Georgia we mainly hunt quail and woodcock, but we travel all over the world to hunt. Our dogs hunt prairie chickens, Sage Grouse, Sharptail Grouse, pheasant, ruffed grouse, hungarian partridge, ptarmigan, woodcock, and bobwhite quail. Also, we do a little duck and dove hunting and allow our dogs to handle the retrievals. I even killed a spring gobbler in Georgia that one of my dogs pointed.

Certificate of Appreciation

By the Bobwhite Quail Initiative.

Wingshooting USA

The Iowa opener was on October 29, 2016 near Bloomfield, and we did a TV show with Scott Linden’s “Wing Shooting USA” featuring the Epagneul Breton breed as well as on our dogs from Hannahatchee and Sur le Delavan Kennels.  The weather was warm and dry, but the dogs worked hard for us and produced some nice birds. We got a couple of limits of Pheasant and quail both Saturday and Sunday. The dogs and I had a great time with Scott’s production team, Clint LaFary and Todd Farris and our photographer for the weekend Denise Heath. I can’t thank Denise enough for the great photos. I hope you enjoy some of her work below. For more details check out  

See episode 93 of Wing Shooting USA

One of our favorite locations to hunt is Alaska.

On one of our many trips to Alaska, a friend of mine, Jim Thompson, and his French Brittany, Hootie, were able to join Atos and me in September of 2017.

I hunted on the Kenai Peninsula and in the interior and had a four species day on Ruffed Grouse, Spruce Grouse, Sharptail Grouse and Willow Ptarmigan. The weather was a little wet some days but very nice. I would hike across the Tundra and eat wild blueberries for breakfast and get back to Maclaren River Lodge and eat wildberry pie with dinner. Once we found the birds the experience was breathtaking.

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